Friday Quotes

“If patience led to power the farmer would be king.” 

Progress is a descendant of hardship which creates a revolution in culture.

If you can’t find success in your mistakes, then at least find the humor.

The best way to discover who you are is by spending time with those who knew this world before you were in it.

My ancestors didn’t survive the Ice Age with a bag of romaine lettuce and a bottle of Dorothy Lynch salad dressing! My name is Rick and I  am an carnivore.

Once in a while you have to pat the bottom of the bottle a little hard to get things moving.

Remember when searching for a solution there’s 293 different ways to make change for a dollar.

Art captures the mind and frees the soul.

Do not feed the hate and starve your principles.

A farmer will spend the wage of ten to earn the wage of one – for every day it rains during harvest add 3 more days till done.

Opportunities are missed when you believe you are not good enough to succeed or when you believe you are too good to fail.

It is very important to celebrate the smallest measure of your success.

Necessity dictates your life. – Passion should dictate your profession.

When you are young there is a struggle inside between a lion and a lamb and as you grow older you see more of the lamb and less of the lion.

Life’s Full Circle is when your parents tell you “No” the first 18 years of your life and your children tell you “No” the last 18 years of your life.

When someone asks me “Why in God’s name do you want to be a farmer?” I answer, “God’s name is not why I want to be a farmer, Dad’s name is why I want to be a farmer, God’s  name helps me through it.”

The best way to age is to watch something grow.

I personally find it difficult for monetary wealth and sincere kindness to coexist within an individual, so, with these symbols of compassion carved into my childhood, I am impelled to choose sincere kindness as an alternative wealth.

An idea can be like milk, It is better to have spilled it than to have it sour in the box.

Having very little during times of need will encourage the mind to be prepared for the worst.

The farmer is the only known producer that will continue to produce a product despite its value.

Divorce is so common in America that even our alphabet has an X.

The best way to weed your garden of negative weeds is to nourish it with positive thoughts and positive actions.

I am pretty sure it was a woman who wrote history, have you ever known a man to write anything down?

Anger is the seed to Regret.

Debates are seldom created from fact, but rather from assumption. Not every creature that lives in the sea is a fish.

We are given autumn sunsets to assure us that the end is as beautiful as the beginning.

If you look openly towards diversity you will discover that it is not a distraction, but rather an attraction that comes with feeling free.

I am astonished at how intimidating an open mind can be, especially when it is so empowering.

Sometimes the sound of a ticking clock will tell you who you really are.

Considering what it cost to live, the time to start saving for retirement would be as soon as you learn how to spell it.

We live in a world of vast diversity, yet we’ll choose a conventional life.

The economic health of this nation and all nations sits on the backs of a working class, whose names are unspoken by the privileged. People who are true and authentic with dreams of someday reaching the fruits of their labor and enjoying the freedom to prosper.

Real love is when you no longer need to pluck the petals from daisies.

There is only one thing more contagious than a kindergartner and that is a smile!  Be Happy!

Everybody wants to be somebody to anybody, but nobody can be somebody to everybody.

Pride is the long road to logic.

Nature heals, where seclusion is the only true freedom.

Hobbies and Holidays replace an adult’s desire to dig to the bottom of a toy box.

If adding a few words to a sentence can change the context of a book, then a few words of encouragement can change someone’s life.

Be the one to turn impossible into I M Possible.

Many eyes make less fools.

Nothin’ melts the butter like a woman in overalls.

Electing the wealthy to create tax laws is the same as allowing children to supervise the playground.

Our Sons are our sword, our daughters our shield and our grandchildren claim heir to our hearts.

The sting of  a whip determines who is the horse and who is the master.

“People do not boycott convenience, they buy convenience.” -Dr. Berm Wright DVM

Many small grains of sand bonded together can make a strong wall.

We are all pupils in the aging of time, today we must allow the past be our teacher;  we can learn nothing from the future.

You cannot break the will without first breaking the heart.

It’s okay to want more out of life, that is what has kept us from extinction.

Nature created the Platypus to remind us to open our minds to all things possible.

In this world there are leaders and followers and followers who think they are leaders.

The body fades so the soul can blossom.

I am optimistic and hopeful that some day I will be remembered as “Author Unknown.”

Assumption is the most common judicial system used to prosecute the innocent.

I have found that when the home fire is burning and the relationship cozy, it’s senseless to stir the coals of past flames.

Raising teenagers is like a case of diarrhea, although occasionally you feel the need to hold firm, eventually you must let go.

Your voice can be praised, criticized and even changed, but it can never be taken away.

Tombstones are like participation ribbons, all you have to do is show up to get one.

Please and Thank you will get you further than a bachelor’s degree.

When it comes to marriage, it is better to have bite marks on your tongue than to have them on your bottom.

I believe life is something you enjoy, not something you endure.

The most important thing about being an adult is remembering what it was like to be a child.

You can’t have the mouth and the mind open at the same time.

It takes strength to have an opinion, facts to defend  it and courage to change it.

Adults have forgotten the thrill of digging to the bottom of a toy box.

We, the people, are like a box of kittens; we focus on what is moving at the time. Give us recreation and weekends and all is forgotten.

One of the biggest delusions in life is that we think we always have a tomorrow.

Our purpose is to protect the balance of nature; not disrupt it.

Justice is when Arrogance stomps over everything great that defines our country then drowns in a puddle of disgrace

I would like to bottle up those sporadic moments of overwhelming contentment we sometimes get and give it away in stocking stuffers for Christmas. That would be much more satisfying than chocolate covered cherries and peppermint sticks.

Some people are happy making others unhappy, keep your garden nourished with positive thoughts and it will shade out the weeds.

In a country of free people, a single voice against injustice can deploy an army of a thousand voices.

I have been an artist and writer most of my life and I have come to the conclusion that the only person who can make everyone  happy is the one who drives the ice cream truck.